Music Licensing


Big Deal Records is an independent record label with offices in Los Angeles and Nashville. Big Deal Records has worldwide distribution through Sony Red.  Big Deal Records owns licensing rights for songs and publishing on large catalog of songs across a number of different genres ranging from rock, smooth jazz, R&B, vocals and more.

In addition to the millions of records sold over the years, hundreds of songs have been licensed for major motion pictures, television, commercials, artist covers and samples. 

Last year Bobby Caldwell had a Mitsubishi Car commercial which ran for a year worldwide.

Treat Her Right features of the major rock and roll guitar riffs of all time.  George Thorogood had a number one record with it.  It was also the theme song to the movie The Commitments.  It was even covered by Mae West!  ZZ Top’s guitarist, Billy Gibbons,  did a cover of Treat Her Right on his solo record last year and it got a tremendous amount of airplay and downloads.

(Baby Baby) Fallin’ In Love was sampled by Drake.  In addition, John Legend’s “Open Your Eyes” contains an interpolation of Caldwell’s song.

Garry Glenn has had a number of covers which went on to become major hits including: “Armed and Dangerous” (Atlantic Starr), “Caught Up In The Rapture” (Anita Baker), “Gonna Make You Mine” (Natalie Cole), “I Can’t Let You Go” (Freddie Jackson), “Intimate Friends” (Eddie Kendricks, also sampled by Alicia Keys on track “Unbreakable”), “No Sweeter Love” (Geoff McBride), “Priceless” (Anita Baker), “Share Your Love” & “Song In My Heart” (Earth, Wind & Fire) and more.